Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yes a thousand times.

I have something to ask you?
Can we dance to that song once together? 

Yes, later when the clouds go away,

I have something to tell you.
I miss you and have certain dreams of you. 

What was I then, 
to you, in your dreams? 

You were the ember in the corner place, 
hidden from all of it,
The gentle crackle 
I hear lingering in my slumber.

But summer ended long ago,
what about now?
Do you still miss me
linking your moments? 
Yes, you are my Autumn's veil
of kaleidoscope color
soothing the unforgiving pieces. 

Did I consume you
with slow movements 
and Intent ion?
Is this what you drempt?

Yes, I breath you into my bones, 
 and clutch your broken heart in my hands.
I see my face reflecting in your eyes
and I wake weeping the lines 
of your name.

Do you see yourself,  
set apart from the others,
light and strong?  

Yes, in the silence
where you own me, I see it.

Can you hold on?

Yes, you were courage that stood up 
when you were not wrong.

Do I fill you? 

Yes, A thousand times, yes. 

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful Mitchell, you definitely have a unique style of writing. You should keep it up, I know there's a lot more in there waiting to come out.