Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What if she hadn't answered so quickly, assuredly and recklessly?  What if, instead, she had been complete enough to cast aside what she knew couldn't be the truth and not succumb to the lie anyway because it provided her the false allowance that in some way she was acting responsibly.

Briony Tallis was the 13 year girl in the movie 'Atonement'.  I love movies and I watched Atonement again the other night.  The crux of the movie is Briony's confused emotions around her love for her older sister's boyfriend and witnessing them making love.  In this scene Briony sculks about in the shadows of their massive old house and comes across them in library doing the act and confessing their love for one another.  Its the best scene in the movie.  The disgust and jealousy rising within Briony is visceral.  And it is the combination of her disgust and jealousy that ultimately lead to not just the destruction of her sister and lover but also condemns Briony herself to a life of regret and sorrow.

Movies are good at showing us a lifetime of  loss contracted into 90 minutes but real life doesn't do it like that.  Its darker and deeper and a whole lot slower.  Things like this seem manageable even innocuous sometimes, when they happen;...... so long as we believe that truth is for lazy people and that lies are for the ambitious.  Think about it. 

Briony, with her oh so proper wealth, breeding and education knew she lied horribley and she knew that she convinced herself to believe and follow that lie and she hated herself for it.  Her pain and jealousy destroyed everyone in her path.  The weird thing is that I understand how she got there and why she did it and I never hated her.  In the end she makes it right and I love(d) her for that.  Love conquers all, again.  What a trip.

Speaking of  'Trippy', a friend on FB shared a link to some cool bike art.  This one was way cool.  It's under an overpass in Cali somewhere.

I took a bike trip last weekend/ 148 mile Harpoon B2B ride.  It was windy and I took my time riding along at 16 mph with a lot of really good people. 

No lunacy whatsoever this year but I thought of lm.  I think the ride took me two hours longer to finish this year and I might have actually gained a lbs or two.  Thanks Dean Phillip's for the most excellent call on Harpoon Growlers.      Peace and roll strong!


  1. Good, now I don't feel so bad my time this year was so horrible. :-)

  2. This is why you should always hit "next blog", as that is how I found this page. How you were able to mash up soul deep word imagery with topics from a to zed with.. competitive racing.. I don't know how but you did it and did it so very well. So thank you, Mr writer cyclist, keep rolling strong as you say - and keep writing too.

  3. -trigirlpink, what ever gets you there :)

    -anonymous, really appreciated!