Monday, April 15, 2013

When it rains.


About a month ago I heard this song, liked it and saved it as a blog 'draft'.  I hadn't heard it before.  Its nothing really great or anything, its just one of those simple tunes that conjures things within me and I thought maybe I'd write about this sometime.

Yesterday morning getting dressed in the car to ride the Tour of Battenkill I was thinking about these things again and as happens from time to time to nearly everyone, this song played in that moment.

It was cold and close to raining outside and as I sat there in the car, huddled in it's warmth, I began to really hope it would rain. I nearly prayed that it would.  About half way through the ride it actually started raining and as the drops tapped against me I could not help but think they were asking me to be remembered in some way, in this song perhaps, again and in the stirrings it uncovers.  

Early this morning I was awaken from the same dream and I just laid there in my big bed in a haze of wonder... wondering about the layers of this surreal vignette that revisits me, compartmentalizing it's fact from fantasy and it's reality and it's destiny...of space and time connected in reflection and images that are so real and present I feel their rain.

Peace and roll strong.

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