Thursday, February 7, 2013

You bet your life.

The weather forecast this morning is calling for 3 feet of snow.  I think the guy said that in certain areas around here it'll be one of the largest storms of the last ten years.  Sweet!!  Just what a bike racer with a hip full of stainless steal screws wants to hear.  A cacophonic reminder that winter is far from over.  Dang, I was really hoping for clear roads this weekend for a couple Valhalla rides.

'this is not really happening. you bet your life it is...'

With all of this in mind I'm sitting here formulating a plan for the next 5 days, which if we're lucky is the least amount of time it'll be before we can ride outside again around here.  I'm not a native New England-er so news like this still feels like a stiff forearm to the back of my shoulder, as if to say 'Wake up dude your in Boston and it's with it'.

I guess it's times like this that remind me why god invented the great indoors. Which isn't the greatest thing in the world (indoors) but it's also far from the worst.  After 12 years up here I've learned how to deal with this stuff and the key to it is that you have to elevate and get grooved-in....somewhat surprisingly I've found that the best way to do this is to embrace 'comfort' and get yourself dialed into it.  Here's how you do it; 

First, you have to plan your trainer sessions in advance and make them great, which for me these days are short and sweet of about 1:30 hours.  Then go out and stock up on all your absolute' to die for' favorite foods.  Next thing is to line up all the movies you've been wanting to see and be sure to have a couple great books lying about too.  I also commit to get really productive (usually working from a cafe or home) catching up with work stuff, which is a big win.  After you have all this stuff lined up & in flow the last thing to do is call some friends and schedule a round up n yuck it up together...with all this you've got it and it ain't no big deal.  If you get lemons, make awesome lemonade.

Peace and roll strong.

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