Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Drama

I woke this morning a little sore and a tad tired.  Ive been doing a few things recommended by my sports therapist, Susan Feist, to aid my hip using a soft ball followed up with caster oil and a heating pad.  I think it's working but I was running late yesterday and didn't finish up until 12:15 am last night.

My hip stiffens up really quickly, so each morning is a process of gingerly movement and as I made my way into the kitchen for coffee I was gauging whether or not last nights treatment had any effect.  I have to say, I think it may be working, which is refreshing.  You know, when you're in physical pain it adds, magnifies any emotional stress, which I have had plenty of, especially if it's nagging chronic pain.
Reflecting w/ these guys recently / Biffy Clyro

But this morning was cool in that it was I'm not sweating a single fucking thing right now.  My perspective is in a totally manageable if not in a positive place again and its nice to have less physical pain be able it to enjoy it.  I have a few self imposed goals to slay but other than that there's no drama.

On a separate note, last week was cool with a lot going on.  Last Thursday I had a great evening at an art show opening at Albright Gallery (http://www.albrightartgallery.com/) in downtown Concord. The Pic's here below w/ my new friend, (who has become like a sister to me) Director/Owner, Bonnie Albright & Featured local artist John Lobosco.  His work is really interesting with emphasis around proportion, texture and color.  
Local Boston Artist John Lobosco with Bonnie Albright
Also with us were Pulitzer Prize-winning American biographer Doris Kearn Goodwin (recent adviser to Spielberg on the Lincoln movie) w/ Dick Goodwin (speech writer & adviser for JFK & LBJ).  I met Doris and Dick a couple of months ago at Serafina's here in town where they go regularly and I see them around frequently.  You've never met lovelier people than Doris and Dick.  Their kindness and perspective are trumped only by their humility.  After party was even better, no pics though, on purpose, but lets just say the Goodwin's have a pretty rad posse, as they should. 
Doris Kerns Goodwin & Dick Goodwin

The days around here are getting noticeably longer now and I'm looking forward to a bike riding in Santa Barbara, CA next month to train and race with my new team.  TIME-Velo Pasadena.

Peace and roll strong.


  1. Was going to make a snarky comment about "finally something that will slow you down", but seriously, your presence in the peloton would be sorely missed. Take care of that and hope to see you on the road soon.

  2. Dude, thanks!

    It's the same injury from 08 car crash. I changed crank arm length & pedal system 6 weeks ago. The combo of these tweaked me up a lot. I needed to straight out my stroke anyway so it's been worth it and I'm definitely feeling grooved again.

    Always awesome to hear from you. Take it easy.