Friday, January 25, 2013

Keep it tight

Man, I've been so busy I can't even say.  I got caught behind on training earlier this month at the same time Jim and I were pushing things pretty hard at work.  I typically go out a few nights a week too but at 50 years old I have to reconcile that I just can't do it all and recover the way I should.   It's always about balance, right?  But often times balance is elusive.

But having said that, I think the more serious my goals are, or rather the more committed I am to achieving them, balance becomes a little bit easier because I 'try' to streamline things, lose distractions, eliminate the counter productive things that will derail my focus.  "Try" is the operative though.  But its the process that matters most, so I don't beat myself up anymore if I let my game face chill out a little bit.

The weather here is getting super cold.  Yesterday it was 4 degrees and I blew off riding.  This picture was taken 2 weeks ago by Keith Kelly. We rode for about 5 hours and the following Sunday put in a tough (for me)100 miler up through Wachusett, MA on what was likely the last 40 degree day we are going to see in a while. 
Peace and roll strong.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hero ride

Last night I read The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber. I was too tired to be reading; like beyond tired, but it was compelling so I finish it. It's just 38 pages and takes place in the backdrop of an African Safari, where Hemingway masterfully paints the grey lines of marriage(s) built around transaction and position rather than passionate adoring love.

The threads of the Macomer marriage point to the fabric of so many other marriages just like it. So much so, I couldn't help but think this story should be compulsory reading for every relationship counselor.  

So what else?  Well, I can say that this Monday morning feels like the first real work week of 2013. I worked last week but everyone I dealt with seemed to be in a haze from New Year...including myself so not a whole lot accomplished.

I rode yesterday and had a nice conditioning ride. I was going to ride both days this weekend but Saturday got jumbled up so Sunday I called my guy Keith Kelly and set up a 3 hour ride with 1 x 20min hard effort at the end.

Before the ride I figured it would be more fun with a bigger grp so I sent an email a training list I have an hour and a half before we left from Farfalle Cafe. It wasn't much lead time but Mike Harris showed up just in Keith, Mike and I headed out west toward Mt. Wachusett around 11:00.

Funny how providence works sometimes. As we rode yesterday it was clear to the three of us that life provides reasons for things; like why we ride bikes.  Sometimes riding is our playground, at other times it's our place to be warriors, but yesterday it was our church.

You see, Mike tragically lost his daughter a few days before Christmas this year, while Keith's thirteen year relationship ended, and I have recent despair of my own.  So there we were, Journeyers on a path going west, saying nothing and thinking little, but feeling an authentic empathy all around us. There was beauty in it. Nothing said, nothing hinted at, but each of us knew...we knew that a pure kindred energy was elevating us; And sometimes, heck... most times, that's all we need!

Peace and roll strong.