Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 Goals & Focus

Is it really mid December?  The days, weeks and months are just flying by way too fast.  This time of year I'm always shocked that another whole calendar has passed!  It's humbling and makes me appreciate the just keeps rolling on!  I think the perception of time is linear with our activity level and maintaining an appreciative mindset during all of it can be a moving target.   But hey, it's just one life here with ups and downs, with some victories and many mistakes.  Hopefully each new year is better than the last  but this doesn't just happen.  You have to plan for it, then dig really deep and go for it.

Nice architecture and mosaic in this video

Speaking of one life and going for it...I stumbled across Jake Keough's new web site this morning.  I've known Jake and the Keough family for many years.  We are all good friends and I've actually written about them a couple of times here on Jughead51 before.  They invited me to their house for Thanksgiving this year, which was an awesome gesture that I really appreciated so it was pretty cool this morning to see that Jake started his own site.  The thing I liked most about it is it's authenticity to Jake, the guy, the brother...and the racer.   Its totally his style and he's really transparent about his background, motivation and his goals.  I also really like the quote at the bottom of his 'about me' page...“Why tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death?”
Walking a few weeks ago.
I set some goals recently....for my work, my personal life, my relationship with my kids and bike racing.  But I think I need to write them down so they are 'front of mind' at all times.  This is because one of the things that was important to me is lost already because I wasn't paying attention.

It happened the other night when a guy I barely know got into my cell phone and randomly sent messages to friends of mine which was totally and understandingly unappreciated and uncomfortable...not to mention totally creepy.  Having said that, my disappointment doesn't matter because ultimately we are all responsible for what happens to us (aside from health issues & stuff like that) and the fact is I could have avoided this situation if I had been more focused.   What seemed innocuous at the time (grabbing a bit to eat and a drink with a guy I've known a short time) wasn't!   It was a mistake and I am thoroughly disappointed with myself for letting it happen.  Lesson learned.

Back to goals...I'm going to write them down and keep them in my wallet.  I think we should never be too old to set new goals.  Goals are like mortar.  They set the construction stones for life. Without goals, life would crumble.

Peace and roll strong.


  1. Agree. Goals give structure, writing them down gives them permanence and the ability to plan for success.

  2. Nice add..."gives permanence". Thanks tg.