Sunday, November 25, 2012

No holding back.

What an awesome weekend.  Two solid weeks of training parenthesized by two great training weekends with Keith and Brad.  Such good stuff it is be unencumbered by the energy of new surroundings and outlooks.  I feel like the last couple of years have been such a grind, a bloody test of survival I wasn't sure I could continue fighting.  I don't mean to minimize the tragedy in other people's lives that exceed my own but that having been said this doesn't mean my experience wasn't devastating and trans formative because it was.


There were times when I knew I was fighting for my life.  I hope I never lose that feeling because it's taught me to appreciate my true friends and also appreciate the fortitude within myself even more because it literally carried me through the mayhem when there was nothing else to rely on.  It's not the way I'd recommend building authentic levels of self confidence but I reckon there are just a few things that build it any better.  Much growth happens in a battlefield if you make it anyway that chapter is in the past but I have all the lessons, which is how it should be.

So now going forward there are many moving parts; a new home and community to get to know better and a new ride with the TIME Team and a continued push at work..all of these are keeping things in high gear; and to be fair, have also forced me to realign stuff a bit.  My focus is one thing.  It's been streamlined and accelerated and I've also reset my expectations.  The timing is right for all these changes in my life so these are meaningful opportunities I don't want to squander.  But in their mist there has also been a process of getting use to my new surroundings and a new mind set wrapped around everything that has been and still is interesting to me.

With V-Neck in Boston Garden last weekend

My new place for instance is a significant downsize and simplification.  My life is mobile and nimble now so it makes no sense for me to acquire and build into a space when things are in forward flow.   It goes against my instincts to do it like this but I'm looking for a different result and doing things within my comfort zone may have been the cause for the mine field of the last few years.  In any event I know for sure that I am looking to build different things.

In planning my move my objectives were pretty clear, .....location, lifestyle and access.  Whats that saying?  'Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail'.   I planned and designed this move just as I wanted it.  So while it's smaller and simpler, it's incredible centric and efficient for my very active lifestyle and requires zero maintenance and is super comfortable if not even a tad snooty.   Eh, there's a little bit of the princess thing in all of us, no?

But even with all its ease and stuff, it's still taken me some time to get grooved into things.  It's kinda weird to say but at first it was like things were too easy and too convenient.  Literally 'everything' I need and much of what I like is within 150 yards of my place and everything else can be accessed by the commuter rail 50 yards away.  The airport and downtown Boston are just 30 minutes from my couch on a wifi-train.  It's pretty sick so I've been dashing about doing this and that just checking stuff out.  But I'm use to it now, have the rhythm and I feel super solid like it's my own space.  Location location, location, 3 rules of real estate.   Ah and the best part of all,  I have more time and get to ride more.

Peace and roll strong.

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