Saturday, October 6, 2012

Least resistance

I was tired and stiff from sitting almost the entire day yesterday.  Gilles and I did a short coffee ride to Bike Studio in Lexington around 11:00 but other than that I was planted at my desk tapping out occupational until way past what is a sensible time for Friday night.  By the time I wrapped it up, got home and actually started preparing dinner it was a almost 10:00pm.  This is my schedule these days and I'm oddly comfortable with it.  I've been really productive and things are tracking so I'm sticking with it until it stops working.
best line...'Trust your instincts, let go of regret'

It's funny too, to move about in all the same space(s) you've always been but at different time intervals.  In some ways its like you're in an entirely different place, which isn't a bad thing.  You walk around in a state of déjà vu recognizing the landscape you've been a thousand times before but it's different now.  The rhythm and the people are all different and life is about these things largely; people and rhythms, so strangely enough it's sort of like a new life in some ways.  Make sense?

By the time I finished dinner last night it was 11pm but I wasn't the least bit sleepy so I checked out fb and then remembered I have a race on Monday in Jamestown, RI.  It's a low key race but the master guys take it pretty seriously.  I won the 35+ race last year soloing off the front without team-mates for the last 15 miles.  It was a good effort for me.  The odds of winning like that again are extremely low but I don't want to just show up and ride like a tool either.

So anyway my hip was really tight and sore from sitting all day so I figured I'd try and release it with some stretching and my self prescribed hillbilly-yoga but neither of these worked.  All the movements just hurt so I gave up and decided to take a hot shower instead thinking maybe the heat would help.  At this point it was probably midnight but the hot water really helped.  Within five minutes my hip was feeling much better.  In fact, as often is the case with hot showers, everything felt better.

After my hip loosened up I stood silently in the billowing steam for another 20 minutes just thinking about stuff.  The piping hot water pelted the back of my head and neck beckoning stress to leave, then flowed over my cheeks to the corners of my eyes and mouth and to my nose and chin and then to soothingly stream off each of these and splash onto the ceramic between my feet.

A surreal vignette to paths of least resistance.  Lessons found in a midnight shower.

Peace and roll strong.

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