Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gloucester/ UCI Cross

As I begin writing this it's pretty late on Tuesday night.  I've been jamming at work but I'm not all that tired.  This weekend was super low key and I've have been resting well for a change.  I also decided against going up to Orono for the Villanova game this weekend.  That trip would have busted me down for sure.  It's 8 hours of driving (all in) and two nights out with the guys..?...would have shelled me.

..another tune from days at UMO

Turns out it wasn't Home Coming as I thought, just more of a round-up for alum players and such so I was like, eh...take a pass this time. It would have been awesome to connect with my Black Bear brothers but I don't want to get run down and there were things going on around here...and Villi isn't a big rival... so.

On Saturday, Gilles Lalonde (NE RegionRep for TIME, Corima & Craft) called me to watch the UCI Cyclo Cross races going on in Gloucester, MA.  I had stuff to do at Andrew Mitchell on Saturday but we coordinated to go up together on Sunday and watch just the Women and Men's elite races in the afternoon.

Gilles (red) & me in the beer garden/ Gilles comments on cross star Nicole Druse Duke's rad calf tattoo.

We had an awesome time.  It was perfect Cross weather, drizzling but not too cold and I really like the race course's coastal scenery in Gloucester.  I also really enjoy walking around and bumping into all the cool people I see during the road season but don't really have time to stop and chat with.  Since I don't race Cross and go just as a pure fan, I get to catch up with everyone and that is pretty cool.  The racing at the Elite & top Mstr levels are always pretty great too.

.......unlike the lower categories which can get sorta insane.  I guess it's cool (?) to watch people vault gainers over their handle bars into a sand pit at 25 mph (?) ...but as I've said in the past, that scene is more like a carnival to me.  Fun to watch once or twice but...?

I don't like celebrating crashes.  I've had too many of my own and prefer to watch true professionals rip it up with strength and incredible skill and they didn't disappoint.

Peace and roll strong.

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