Monday, September 17, 2012

Innerbike in your shop 2012

I was at ATA Cycle Pro Shop this evening after hours.  I've had an annoying creak in my headset for a while now so Husam and I were concerned that the fork on my bike was compromised.  The best and safest way to find out for sure is a process of elimination.   Basically you have to strip the cockpit of your bike down and look at everything.  It takes a while but it's the only way to know for sure.

But that's okay because I like ATA and hanging out with Husam.  He's not just the shop owner, he's also a close friend of mine.  When we first met, my intuition allowed me to trust his genre expertise of bike fitting and cycling equipment but after that we developed a mutual respect for each other.  We come to cycling from different perspectives but these places intersect distinctly and I think we both recognized this and have gravitated from there.  Similar to how we broke down the cockpit of my bike this evening, our relationship was a process of elimination, after breaking things down we found genuine friendship.  We don't agree on everything, not even close, but our Intent is in the same place and that's what friendship is all about.

So anyway while we were poking and prodding the MC2 Husam mentioned that one of the guys from the shop is headed to Innterbike in Las Vagas this week.  Innerbike is self described as, and is, 'the premier cycling trade event in North America with more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands - a one stop opportunity to connect with the entire industry, discover emerging trends and learn new business ideas. You go there and pick your passion and find your people. From Road, to BMX, to Triathlon and beyond.'  It happens once a year in September which is a perfect time as the road season is winding down, retailers get to network and get edified of the latest and greatest.  It's pretty cool.

When Husam told me this it occurred to me that September is also a perfect time for the weekend warrior cyclist(s)-racers to also start planning and preparing for 2013, just like retailers.  Why?  Because this sport is exploding for the 40 plus crowd and I see these guys consistently behind the eight ball equipment wise...stuff needs to be lined up fella's and dialed in way in advance, otherwise you're basically testing new equipment at the same time you're trying to perform.  Its not the best way.

Riding a bike seems simple enough but having things optimized and working reliably (within budget) is another story.   And too often times all these new guys wait too long to figure out what setup they're going to ride the following year, which is a mistake because the equipment inventory gets bought out, the mechanics get busy and a whole bunch of other stuff starts working against them just as the season heats up.  The end result is a lot of frustration.

What we do and what we ultimately get from in this lifestyle is critically tied to the carbon steed between our legs, so why wait until Christmas or February to figure things out.  Get plugged in and start laying things out now.  Any bike shop with representation at Innerbike will bring back all the latest stuff (news, equip, trends, culture etc) from Innerbike which is the next best thing to being there yourself.   So visit the shop next week, after Innerbike.

Peace and roll strong!

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