Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Various & sundry

The John Hancock is Boston's highest building. I just heard some guy just set the world record for grape catching (in his mouth/788 feet). That's an awesome and totally ballsy record to have.  There's serious injury risk in it.  Humorous sorta but not for nothing those grapes are probably coming at ya around 120 mph. No Joke!  Think about it.  It's an 'OMG, What the,,,,Really?" record.  Danger aside,  how's it even possible to see a grape from 788 feet..?...& who thinks of going for a record like that?  Awesome stuff.  I want to meet this guy.  The Hancock has whole new meaning to me.  There's no way I can ever again look at it in the same way.  Lol.

Love this semi-acoustic version...

Cycling update;
Ride Labor day morning w/Gilles Lalonde, NE rep TIME, Corima & Craft. Here having coffee w/his wife Lissa & labradoddle, Clara. Great stories from his side of things. Chkout the Condor Cycling Club jersey (London). Thanks RAPHA & Charlie Pearch. 

All 'round...Cool things in the works & on the front...

Peace and roll strong.

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