Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 TD Mayors Cup Recap

So it was an awesome day.  The weather was perfect and the race was cool.  There were 85 guys registered for the Pro1 but it looked like less than that number when we lined up.   The race played out like what I would guess a typical NRC race is like?   A group of four went away from the gun and stayed away the whole race at 30 mph until United Health decided to bring them back in the closing laps and the race came down to a field sprint.

At the start w/ my Cat 1 nephew Pete Custer.  Pete came up from DC.  Good thing too because I forgot my racing kit and Pete gave me his extra one, so we wore his 'Bike Doctor' black & red together which was pretty cool.
Once I knew the break was gone, I rode tail gun comfortably the whole race figuring the things wouldn't really heat up until UH brought the move back and then I'd move up during the lull right after that.  And basically that's what I did.  I moved up into the to top third of the field in one lap and then moved up into the top ten with three laps to go.   Perfect.

I was in good position at that point and my legs felt fine but on the course's only technical turn (#3) I allowed myself to get pinched into the fence and lost 15 places, just like that.  I sprinted up the rise to make up the spots and got back into top 20 but it took me almost a full lap and then I got pinched in the same corner again....and from that point on I was red-lined & lost places the entire last lap.   I dropped from top twenty all the way down to 49th.   67 guys finished the race.  Luke Keogh won and capped off an amazing season.  Saturdays win should seal a very good contract for him in 2013.  

All in all it wasn't horrible for me.  Two mistakes did me in but this is the top racing level in the country and that's just the way it is.  The big 'take away' for me is that you have to race at this level often enough to really figure out position in the closing laps.  All good though.

On another good note;  one of my Continental Cafe Riding partners (Lucianno Pavan) won the screaming fast Cat 2 race.  He's been knocking on the door all year and this was a perfect end to his terrific season.

Luciano and I two weeks ago. Boston Continental Cafe Ride. (LuMo)
Oh yeah...Great ride Luch.
Peace and roll Strong.

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