Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seasons of mind

The 2012 racing season is winding down and September is a good time to pause and reflect on this. Where to begin?  I guess it would be fair to round up this season as a unique time where ebb and flow, love, loss and release all came together transforming me as a person, a partner, rider and a writer.  I thought it probably would be.  In fact, I knew this in my bones, so back in February I stated this blog to record all of it, intent on building a vivid story to have always.

Since starting it I've written about everything from crashing like a pro, equipment reviews, race reports, personal things and random stuff like when I ragged on a tiger mom triathlete at the beach.

I like to say 'time is not linear'.  And neither is expression.  February was eight months ago but in some ways the things I've written about feel more like they occurred eight years ago.  And the strings of other things wrap around my mind as if they occurred only eight minutes ago.  And every once in a while the visceral s of certain things flood through me in less than eight seconds.  But all of them are in a tidy & good compartment in my minds perspective and I think this blog has helped me to do this. There is order to them and I can find them any time I want or need them.  They are there for me to color in my life and I'm grateful for this.


And I'm not sure what if anything it means but this blog post is my 111th entry.  I wasn't aware of that, or the fact that it was around 11pm when I started writing it last night... or that it was Sept 11th?  I mention this only because I've always had a subliminal connection w/ consecutive numbers.   I have no idea why or how?  This just happens and it's always held meaning for me.  In this case my sense tells me that the frameworks I built 2 years ago are still in place and have been there waiting for me to drive them full throttle and in order to achieve their full potential, and this will require a different season of mindset

It's kind of like the picture above.  There are two mindsets; passionate-creative and logical-analytical....and it's time for me to focus on my left brain mindset and open a new season based predominantly in practicality and the operation of things and see what unfolds.  It's is going to be a different but familiar to what I've done in the past.  So it will be a good and exciting time.

I will carry these past eight months in my shirts' pocket, very close to my heart and look at them frequently but at the same time have both hands free to build extraordinary constructs around my life.  There is a season for all things.  As incredible as these past eight months have been, and the 2yrs prior to that, I have learned so many things that make me a better and stronger person.  I'm am grateful for this and hopeful too.  But for the time being there is a new and exciting season in front of me.

Peace and roll strong.

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