Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ride the Cowabunga.

I left work early yesterday in order to watch a Cyclocross race called 'Midnight cross' purported as the 'Ash Wednesday' for the 'Holy Grail' of USA Cyclocross racing happening over the next 10 days around here in Gloucester, MA and Providence, RI.

I've gone to watch Gloucester and Providence for the past 10 yrs.  I'm a casual but active fan and these races sort of help me welcome in the Fall.  They're a bit Carni overall but it's bike racing which is good and there's beer tent which on October Fest scale is maybe a 5 out of 10 but its better than nothing and I like watching the top racers do their thing much better if I'm tilting back with a Blonde Belgian...Ale :)

Cross racing isn't my thing though and frankly last nights race was kind of a let down.  As the 'Ash Wednesday' for the 'Holy Grail' it was another indication that the Church is in trouble.  No one was there....aside from racers, I mean.  I can honestly say that I was one of maybe 3 other people there just to watch (meaning without a relative or partner actually participating in the race).  It was lame, frankly.  Yeah it's a Wednesday night and all but compare this with any top level bike race/tour which always happen on a work days but still draw meaningful attention?  The Pro/elite race last night only had maybe 50 guys in it and maybe....maybe.... 2 or 3 'pure' spectators.

I left the race thinking I might skip going  up to watch Gloucester all together this weekend.  I go every year and it'll be about the same as previous years (good fun), but it's also homecoming weekend for UMaine and a bunch of my team-mates have reached out to try and lure me up to Orono.

Tune reminds me of UMaine days

We're playing arch rival UNew Hampshire, which is always special.  The tailgate is great and Alum parties after get crazy.  So I'm on the fence?'s a long drive?  Regardless of whether I go to Orono or  Gloucester, I wish I had just stayed at work last night.  It's going well.  I'm really focused and totally enjoying it.  I literally struggled with the decision to leave last night at 5:30.  These days I stay until 7:30-8:00 and it still feels like there is lots to do.  We've had a great response lately and the surge of the last month or so is starting to reveal good things.

This marketing piece went out earlier this week and yielded 3 or possibly 4 new appointments to join our company, which is new ground for things look good.  Attitude & fortitude are the separators.  And our small but talented team intend to build this wave higher, deeper and longer.... and ride the Cowabunga all the way into shore..... have a great day!    Peace and roll strong.

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