Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jamestown Road Race & microcosm ahead

I have one road race left in 2012 in Jamestown, RI.  Jamestown is an Island right across the Narragansett Bay from Newport, RI.  The race is Oct. 8th on Columbus Day, and it's one of my favorite races just because the course is so gorgeous.  You ride 2 loops around the entire island which is only 19 miles, so its a short race at 38 miles total, but still pretty awesome.  The coolest part is the sweeping bend around a picturesque lighthouse with spectacular views of converging Atlantic and Narragansett waters.  It's up high too, as lighthouses are, and its always windy, which provides an amazing view of autumns' white cap waves curtaining around other scenic small islands and harbors.  It's pretty special.    

 So...looking forward to that!   Here's a nice lit'l tune by Beach House, Myth. 


On other fronts, things at Andrew Mitchell &Co. continue to stay busy as we continue to grow and expand our platform.  We just enhanced all our agent sites with mobile conversions and set up direct accounting for disbursements.  Both are way ahead of what other companies in our industry are doing. (Believe it or not?)
I'm also moving in 4 weeks and dreading the logistics's.  While the move is just a few towns east of here it might as well be 1,000 miles.  You still have to pack up everything and unpack it as well.  All n all this move will be good for me.  A fresh change of scenery, much closer to work and in-town and out of the country&burbs.

I'm taking a Bonsai class soon too.  These little trees take a lot of care.  There are two ways to do Bonsai, I have decided.  But, I haven't decided which way I'm going.  The first is to do everything yourself which is plenty and risky.   The other way...I have determined, is what I am going to term "Bonsai Boarding School"...which is exactly what it sounds like.  Basically you send your tree off to the Nursery and let them take care of it, everything.  You pay them 'cheap' tuition ($20 per month) and you just bring your healthy and happy Bonsia home for holidays and special occassions.  Decisions, decisions.

Peace and roll strong.


  1. monday october 8th is columbus day this year skip. though October 12, 1492 was the actual date way back when. where are you moving to? good luck at jamestown. -jerry