Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carpe Diam

I could barely get up this morning.  With so much on my mind I was unable to sleep last night.  This happens once in a while but I don't think it's a bad thing.  The peace and silent dark help me to center and align my thoughts clearly without distraction.  The way I look at it there are meaningful decisions and amazing opportunities ahead and I need the pause in order to reconsider my direction and affirm my choices.

The prominent thought in my mind last night was something a friend told me a long, long time ago. 'Stay in the box' she said 'and only worry about what you can control.'  I've chewed on this for a long time because while I am many things, no one would ever accuse me of being an 'in the box' guy.  So her statement is a big pill to swallow, especially for people driven by intent, considerable individuality and passion.

But after a while the essence of these words began to actualize into a framework I could accept into my own personal life.  And it's this.  It isn't so much about forcing your effort into things to control them and have less pain; which is a tendency,  it's about letting go of things you have absolutely no control over and then channeling this energy into a forward life toward opportunities and possibilities.

Put another way, what we accomplish in this vapid life is greatly determined by one's ability to release cold attachments that have little and give less but want your strength.  They aren't worth the cost, the effort or the pain to try to contain and they will keep you from joy.  Life is a teacher of such things but only to those willing and strong enough to pay the price. And that's the catch.

And there is a catch.

You see, there are things waiting beyond cruel attachments but you must walk alone through the Fire of chance.  Yes, you'll never have any of it unless you're willing take that risk and survive.  It is what it is....and that "is"  is courage.  And it must be this way, for how else but through the painful flames of temperament could your mind's eye possibly be malleable enough to bend around life's mundane complexities and clutter and comprehend ownership of such lofty things.  You're kidding yourself with lies and false confidence if you think there is any other way.

Make no mistake, the spaces of genuine fulfillment, true admiration and lasting accomplishment are not found in the safety of the crowd where sycophants and schemers pat each other on the back while secretly living lives of quiet desperation.  No, these seats are reserved for a few, the true journeyers, warriors willing to be tested.  The universe deems it so and this echos within like thunder, revealing the souls' intent.  So get inspired.  It's overdue.  Show everyone how great you are.

-Peace and roll strong


  1. My favorite to date... Probably because it sums "it" all up. Wow.. Thanks Skip.

  2. Thanks was actually sorta exhausting to write. Not sure if that's good or not good...just a stream of semi-consciousness :)