Friday, September 21, 2012

Baker in Fez

A photographer friend of mine took this picture in Morocco earlier this year.   Her name is Kate Cordsen.  We both grew up in Great Falls, VA at the same time.  She was a few years younger than I so I didn't know her well, but I would see her around all the time.  Her brother Peter was my friend and everyone knew her as Sloopy, her nickname.  

As happens so often with e-media these days, our paths crossed.  In our case it was about a year and a half ago through home town connections.   I'm glad too because I love Art and Kate has become a really super talented and accomplished photographer.  Her work is awesome and she posts it frequently so I get to check it out pretty often and it's very good.  She has a few exhibitions coming up in 2013, something out in Australian Vogue about now and other magazines, too.  

Back to Kate's picture.  I really like it.  There's a compelling story to it that drew me in.

Kate Cordsen,  Photographer.  New York, New York
It's story in reverse beginning with the trail of moving tobacco smoke drifting slowly above the mans hand, whose limp position is the first revealing of a discouraged and somber mood.  His slumping posture and turned body express a weakened soul.  Hollowed shoulder blades and insect thin legs tell the rest.   Here is a tired man, perhaps an unwell one as well, turning himself away from the world.  The only warmth, comfort and company he chooses is that of his cigarette.  And everything else in this picture... from the worn fringe on the cuff of the mans' sweater, to the slovenly sorted linens and accoutrements spread about without care, down to the of crumbling tile of the mosaic floor, all attest to a life of deep despondency.

It's a beautifully captured image of a real and all too frequent life.  A life that none of us would want for ourselves.  Sometimes Art helps us to see things outside of ourselves with such clarity that we find poignant inspiration.

Peace and roll strong.

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