Thursday, August 30, 2012


The residual effects of sailing for a few days are interesting.  There are the physical ones; like twelve hours removed my balance is askew still feeling the rolling sensations of Vineyard & Nantucket Sound in my legs and the good pain of too much salt and sun.  And then there are the contemplative things that occupy space for a while as well.

My close friend Jim Tomlinson is also Co-Founder w/ me at Andrew Mitchell & Company.  Jim is also an avid sailor.  Having grown up on Marion Harbor and living there now, sailing has always been a constant for Jim, similar to riding for me.  So several weeks ago we made plans to spend time on the water, sailing to Edgartown on Cape Cod,  to discuss our company and to just unwind away from complexities on personal fronts.

Actually lost my reading glasses into the drink leaning to take this pic. 
This is time well spent. We're both more comfortable and think more critically in the open space of the sea or a mountain road than we are in the staleness of an opulent board room.  Andrew Mitchell & Company was built on the premise of mobility, autonomy and empowerment so it kinda makes more than a little sense for us to do business from locations of passion rather than prison, as it were.

It's cool too because after a year and a half of full operations we're nearly at our break even number and while this is behind our goal of a year, it far exceeds what any one else in our industry has accomplished and has quieted most of our critics as we continue to grow despite meaningful personal challenges siphoning significant energy away from our target.  So as we gear up and plan the next 6 months we go in knowing that our model, in and of itself, has real legs to scale as big as we want (which is enormous, btw) and we're here to stay.  We have continued to enhance our platform and have new expansion strategies in the weeds for Fall. 

As productive as business can be on a boat you can't be on one for very long and not have discussions bend around personal issues.  It's an accelerant.  At some point, especially after a silky red is flowing, conversation will shift to it as easily as sail catches a natural breeze.  Not surprisingly we discussed much about passion and pain, culpability and fairness.  I must hold these to myself for now but there was a lot channeling and placement of things.  I may speak to them at a latter time.

Peace and roll strong.

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