Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smile, Laugh?

Levity helps.  Laughter, humor or a benign smile can go a long way, sometimes, toward lightening troubled spirits, soothing bruised people or mending painful fields, if only temporarily.  Often-times the only thing left between the tightrope of despair and life actually, is something funny.  The clip below by Band of Horses wraps a lovely but despondent lyrical track with what we could call 'slapstick' humor, and shows what I'm trying to say. 

I don't want to over think this but save for the humor in this montage, someone could get pretty damn depressed listening to just this song because for anyone with a pulse it urges pausing emotion.  I've heard that many professional comedians are individuals coming from a place of extraordinary pain and from this well of wound they draw humor copious.  I guess there are reasons/medical science behind all that stuff.  I don't care too much about all the clinical reasons why but I can see this in the comedians I've seen.  It's pretty obvious if you pay attention and it makes me sad wondering about what may have happened in their past.

I took a psychology class in high school but I forgot most of it.  I remember one experiment though.  Our teacher (Jeff Beedy) instructed everyone in the class to laugh spontaneously for no reason at all and vigorously too.  Basically he wanted us to fake laugh really hard.  At first it was awkward as everyone began but after just a little while the whole class started laughing hysterically and in earnest.   It was really weird to me but I was laughing full on just like everyone else and felt really great, light and refreshed, afterward.  Like I said, the whole experience was really weird to me but it also imprinted the lesson that laughter on it's own, with or without reason or cause, can alleviate and lift a person from nearly any low.  Not sure what all this means, scientifically and such....just thinking out loud.

Peace and roll strong.

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