Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bonsai tree

I'm thinking about picking up the Bonsai tree I bought last month.  It's a crape myrtle Bonsai and back at the nursery for rehab after a touch of heatstroke and I'm looking forward to getting it back.  I was bummed that I almost killed it within the first month.  The peace and tranquility that these awesome little trees are purported to give was completely usurped by the urgency, stress and anxiety of thinking that I nearly killed it in less than 30 days.  But I'm told this is all just part of learning the art curve in Bonsai, which makes me feel a little bit better. 

I don't have a picture of my Bonsai because it's at the nursery but it stands around 9-10 inches tall and is about 25-30 years old.  It has a gentle 'slanting or windswept' style to it that I really like, and as with all bonsai's, it's a miniature version of a massive tree and looks as though it belongs elsewhere, somewhere expansive, open and rugged.  The tidy cream colored pot my bonsai sits in now, on my bathroom windowsill, belies it's appearance entirely.  And I guess this is the allure of Bonsai trees.  Their scale throws you off and effects subtle stirrings of internal perspective.

My tree comes from a nursery in Littleton, MA called Bonsai West.  I've seen the place for years but had never been there.  I became curious this time though as I was riding by.  Visually it was probably their cleanly branded flags waving in the breeze that really got my attention this time but there were also other reasons that really don't matter I guess.  The fact is I decided to return in the afternoon, which I did and the rest is history. 

Here's a picture of a trophy Bonsai with the same pruning style as mine.  This Bonsai is far older and more beautiful than mine.  I'd guess it may be 100 years old but regardless of their age all Bonsai are very amazing.

Bonsai West photo.  Their exhibit at D-Scale in Boston

I registered for a pruning and care workshop that starts in a few weeks and looking forward to it.  I'll need to know a lot more than I do now.  The cerebral and artistic aspects of this are intriguing.  All I know at this point is that Bonsai's require a lot of attention, knowledge and care but you also tap into a lot of creativity.  They also demand a consistent part in your daily mind-scape but hopefully this will be in a calming and underwelming way.

Peace and roll strong.

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