Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whatever gets you there

COOL, its pouring out and I get to ride in the rain again!  I use to hate riding in the rain and lived by the motto 'if there's a drop, I stop!'   That was, however, before my...um, let's call it -epiphany, when I use to love indoor training.   Like stink on a monkey, I could hammer away for hours and hours, day after day for weeks and months at a time (alone) and never lose one drop of enthusiasm and I didn't burn out on it either.  For over 15 years 90% of my training was indoors.  It could have been a perfect day to ride outside; 80 degrees and sunny, but you'd find my over regimented butt inside on the trainer slogging out various tempos on the Cateye cs1000.

Get off this -Cracker

It was extreme.  When my kids were young it wasn't uncommon for me to climb on the The Chair of Torture at 10 or 11pm.  I'd slid down into the musty dimly lit basement after a weekend of kid ski racing and play mind games with myself in order to thunder out a couple vigorous hours of training.
I'd humorously tell myself  'To be strrrong like bull?  Must trrrrain like bull,' and seriously picture some poor slob son of a coal miner in war torn Croatia training harder than me in a bullet ridden abandoned tannery factory.  God forbid, my candy ass would miss a workout...and sleep, that was for pussy's.

I played all kinds of other mind games with myself too to keep the fire in my belly.  And this definitely worked too but now I laugh because after several meaningful life changes over the last several years the best motivational indoor imagery I can wamp up these days is suffering my way through Klondike Bars...Not for nothing; eaten too rapidly, these may cause a serious ice cream coma.   And rain?  It ain't nuthin at all...nuthin more than an extra layer of gear and it cleans my bike while I'm training at the same time.

New motto?   'What-ever gets you there!'    Peace and roll strong

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