Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beauty running wild upon your face

A beauty in childhood is the belief that we can be whatever we want to be.  It seems the younger a child is the bigger their visions for themselves are.  Ask a four year old what they want to be and they'll tell you they want to be the President, an Astronaut or the Tour De France Champion...or something else commensurately grand.

Time passes though and with it, so too, go the dreams of most people.  They simply drift away as the child reluctantly lets go of them bit by bit.  The absorption of life experience accumulates and realigns their goals to more practical and achievable expectations. It happens to everyone and it's slightly sad because 'almost' everyone out there would rather be doing something other than what they actually do; not that they're unhappy, but it's a rare person that is doing exactly what they always wanted to do.

I think the most under recognized draw for riding a bike is the freedom it provides for people to get back in touch with those dreams, to revisit their childhood in a healthy and rejuvenating manner and share this experience with friends at the same time.

The photo above was taken 113 years ago.  It's not likely this fellow is alive today but if he were I suspect his passion would still connect with the joy of riding a bike. The beauty is running wild on his face. 

Google 'beauty on your face' pulls this.  Nice tune.

Peace and roll strong.

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