Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beach Camp!

Right now I'm sitting in a cafe called Good Karma filled with hipsters, students and dudes like me tapping out laptop occupational and surfing some s-media.  Kel posted the tune above earlier today and it got me thinking....

Every Spring I look forward to wispy mellow days at the beach but things get busy and I never make it there as much as I'd like.  Many endurance athletes can't stand the beach. They're too worried about missing a workout, especially most Triathletes.  And if they go they look at the beach as a training ground to be conquered rather then a place of rejuvenation.  You can see them vigorously swimming and running back and forth with a full game face on and wearing IM branded battle gear (meshed hat & Oakley radar-lock shades).  After 'training' they'll stay busy performing paddle ball on a tournament level and later urgently contract their kids into building the biggest sand castle within sight...basically they're hyper focused on doing anything other than be alone and calm with themselves.

Many years ago I used to admire this 'dedication' and 'high functionality' and I guess its fair to say that I was one of these people but over time, doing it myself and observing it in others, the whole thing started to genuinely irk me and now years later I have grown to actually pity people living with such restlessness.  I stopped living this way.  Just can't do it anymore.  Rest is too important to me now.  I go to the beach for inertia, to chill and let it envelop me.  I'm not there to conquer it.  I read, think and sleep in the sun. 

Peace and roll strong.


  1. I love love love the beach/ocean. As a 13 year veteran of triathlon, I admit I will "vigorously swim" (getting this done early) but then I'd happily plant myself in my chair strategically moving it with the sun for quality tanning exposure while alternating grazing and napping and jumping in the water to cool off and shake off my nap haze. :-) I'm kinda drooling just thinkin' about it!!

  2. This is too funny because it's so damn true!!! I hate to say this but I think I'm friends with a whole bunch of these battle-geared IM'd mo-fo's LMAO!!!

  3. I love them all...both the extremists (mad love to those who can poke a little fun at ourselves)and those who truly do it for the pure love and enjoyment of it all...Nonetheless, I think those who can even dare to compete in a sport in which 3 disciplines yield a demand for pure dedication is both awesome and kick-ass.