Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 lbs of fat

I went to watch the Blue Cross Broadstreet 10 mile Run last Sunday.  There were 41,000 runners. I went to the registration the day before to check out the venue and help DSL at packet pickup.  As you might expect registration was crowded and chaotic like a 'Where's Waldo' poster with vendor booths packed in there and anxious athletes migrating around them without pattern reminding me of a Persian bizarre in Istanbul.

One of the booths was the American Association for Heart & Lung Disease.  They had a table displaying the two major contributors of heart disease, being overweight and smoking.  

The first thing on the table that caught my eye was this yellow glob of gelatinous mass on the table.  I guess it's an exact replica of what 5 lb of fat feels like in/on your body.  Two things struck me as I picked it up. First, it felt like it weighed a lot more than 5 lbs. I would have guessed it was more like 10 lbs.  I think this was because it didn't have a center point so it flopped around and was awkward to hold.  My second reaction was how stressful this extra portage would have on my body, not just because it was unstable and would overstress my joints but also because overtime it would overwork my heart x 100,000,000 extra beats?  I walked away pinching my belt line thinking I want no part of over-blob on my body, ever. 

The second thing I saw was this jar of tar showing what your lungs have to filter over a years worth of smoking. A picture is worth a thousand words.  This picture say's a lot of bad things about whats in store for your body if you're a smoker.

After the run we went to a tailgate party.  The venue was full of them spread all across the massive AT&T sport complex grounds where the race finished.  Hosting our party was Captain Joe Lynch (pictured below).  Joe is the head of security at Blue Cross building headquartered in center city Phil.

He's responsible for the safety of the 3000 people working in there. It's a huge responsibility.  He also teaches at UPenn and was the former Head of S.W.A.T. for the city.  Joe is a high functioning guy but most importantly he throws an awesome tailgate.   Peace & RS

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