Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Melissa

I've raced with the BOB guys (Bunch Of Bikers) for a over a decade. Ever since moving to Massachusetts in 2000 they have been a mainstay in the New England masters racing scene for me.  I've raced and traveled to races with Duane Skolfield (their title sponsor) a bunch over the years and its always awesome to hang with him.

BOB put on their race yesterday in Merrimack, MA so I went up and rode it.  It was a tough circuit on choppy pavement that beat my hip up but was fun and good conditioning for road durability and such.  The course was laid out on a 6 mile loop featuring a stair step hill; that yesterday had a raging headwind, so it was quite tiring.

After the race some of the BOB guys (& my friends Earnie Taukus & Keith Kelly) went to  micro brewery in Haverhill, MA.  We chowed on some pub burgers and beer.  We didn't stay too late, everyone had to get home but Duane and I hung out for a bit longer just catching up.

On my way home I passed this pool place along the Merrimack river and decided to stop in and play a game.  It was still early and I didn't have much going on so at home so... When I got there the place was basically empty but I didn't really care.  I put on some Alman Brothers on the jukebox and started to play.

Sometimes hanging out by yourself is necessary and I was feeling good about a little solitude.  Riding your bike is a good place for this but so is a pool table.  I suck at pool.  I think it took me 20 minutes to clear the first table but that really wasn't the point.  I played four or five games and got a little bit better with each new rack.  A few people came and went but basically I had the whole space to myself and just rolled it like that. 



  1. Thanks for coming and the support

  2. My pleasure. Good day to be up there. Thanks for doing it. The more NE RR/Circuit racing the better.