Sunday, April 22, 2012


I want keep record of this picture for posterity and other things.  It was taken from a cell phone in Copley Square (Boston) a week before this years marathon.  It looks sort of grainy and old, reminiscent of Victorian photographs of Back Bay in the mid 1800's but also, and more to the point, reflective of  my mood & physical condition at the time.

It had been a crazy hectic and busy couple of days and I was beyond exhausted.  I was way down on sleep and way off on training too and this is a dangerous combination for me.  My homeostasis is fickle and it doesn't take much to lose.  A little too much of this and not enough of that and the next thing you know I'm in the weeds feeling like 100 miles of bad road.

I think this is part of the aging process.  Maybe we get less resilient or maybe we just get less tolerant of feeling like crap. Whatever the case I know that my well being requires much better.  I don't like walking around in haze.  Chill-axing a sidewalk cafe with hangover shades aside....Life is too short. There's enough to brood over without needing this, too much we can't control in this veiled life of beauty and heartbreak.  I'm at a point where everyday needs to be pinned with a gold star.  This picture reminds me of such things.  

Peace and roll strong.

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