Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boston Marathon Ride

This morning I woke up still feeling sore from last Saturdays crash.  A quick inventory of my injuries made me decide to lay it low again today rather than race.  I must be getting wiser in my older age.  I realize there isn't enough upside to racing if I'm less than 100%, or whatever 100% means at 49?  So there it is, wisdom; I reckon.  The extra time will definitely do me good.  And as one door closes another opens.

Last night my man  Keith Kelly and I talked.  He said there's big group ride doing the Boston Marathon course on Monday morning before the foot race.  He said hundreds of cyclist do it, so we're riding this together.  We'll spin easy out to Hopkinton, then hammer back into Boston along the course.  Kel works in marketing at New Balance and has been working like a madman leading up to the marathon so we haven't ridden together in a month or more.  This ought to be pretty cool and I want to feel good.

After the ride we're hanging out in the New Balance section at the finish line on Boylston St.  This is the best place to watch.  I have some friends running too.  It'll be jammed packed but it'll be nice to watch them finish from good vantage.  Best success going in....
After the marathon there's party at the Lenox for New Balance athletes and folks like that.  I went to a similar one with Kel a couple months ago and had a blast.  I met a bunch of really cool people and it will be awesome to catch up with them over some Duvel at Solice.  If it's anything like last time I'll need a certain feel good recovery going in. Today's extra recovery time is a good thing, blessing in disguise perhaps. 

Back to Duvel for a sec.  My favorite beer has been Bass for years but A Friend recommended Duvel (pronounced Do-vel, inflection on Do) to me while out togther at Monks Cafe in downtown Philadelphia.  It's become my bev of choice these days and I highly recommend it. Check out Monks too, by the way, for an authentic Belgian pub experience if you're ever in those parts.

Monday should be eventful for sure.  In the meantime I may actually race the Myles Standish Circut Race on Sunday.  It's in Plymouth, MA, near Plymouth Rock.  It's easy to get to and really short; so we'll see how it goes.   Peace and roll strong.

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