Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday, 3rd & long

Keeping on yesterdays theme around weekly training: today is Wednesday and Wednesdays are to my race training what third down & long is to football.  It's my last chance to keep the drive moving forward.  And by this I mean it's the last day in the week in which I can do high intensity training and still have enough time (Thur/Fri) to absorb it 100% before racing on the weekend.

Intensity training after Wednesday doesn't work for me. I go backwards and spiral into a state of creeping fatigue that leads to chronic over training.  I never over-train anymore, ever.  I've been doing this for so long now that I intuitively know when to back off.  I pay attention to my signs like the fuel gauge in my car, so it just never happens.  This is art, not science.

Looking back in the past to the times in which I was over-trained; these were categorically around doing too much intensity training after Wednesdays.  Pretty simple.

The other rule I follow around over-training is that I never try to make up a missed intensity workout.  I never try to squeeze it into the schedule after the fact.  I know many people that do this but it's a flaw in their typical type-A personality that appears to serve them well in other areas. They H A V E  to do everything, ALL the time, regardless of effect but this a huge mistake in an athletic lifestyle.  The only place it works is on their training software. The files' short term data 'looks' completed & on schedule but that's all it is. These are the same folks that complain about being flat or over trained.  I say, keep it simple, get to know yourself.  If you're a weekend racer, don't do intensity training after Wednesday.

Peace and roll strong.

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