Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Train refreshed.

Tuesday is the first day of my weekly training cycle.  It's the day I take stock in my training, assess my recovery, motivation and in an ethereal sense set up my week on la bicyclette.

I used to train straight through the hard racing on the weekends. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday were all hard training days.  I'd rest on Friday and race on the weekend.  I do the same thing nowadays but I take Mondays and Fridays for rest.

Back then (early 2000's) my training partner was Phil Fujawa.  Phil was  my best friend and the worlds best training partner.  We don't see each other that much any more.  He has put his racing on hold for a while.  He's the world's best Dad now but I miss him.  Phil is the funniest guy I know.  God damn would we laugh?  We laughed harder than we trained.  No joke!  My guts would be pouring out and I had a six pack to prove it from all the isometric ab training.  I looked forward to training with Phil in the same way one looks forward to a night at The Improv.  Levity is refreshing and good for motovation.

 Cave; 'refresh my broken mind'
I think the thing I miss most about training with Phil is his critical eye for; many things but most especially, all things bike racing.  He is super knowledgeable and current about stuff and could (& still can) wrap it all up in a hilarious sharp wit.  This made all the really grueling training easy and something I really looked forward to.

As I sit here thinking about where this week is heading training wise I'm thinking to keep it refreshing.     Peace and roll strong.

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