Friday, March 16, 2012

Strategy St.Patrick

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and there is no better place on the planet for St Patrick's than the great city of Boston!  And that is a fact.  But I don't think I'm going out and getting drunk this year.  I'm temped, mind you, and if St Patrick fell on a Monday or even a Tuesday this year I'd definitely consider a proper buzz on (and a designated driver) but it doesn't. 

This year it's on a Saturday, smack dab in the middle of the weekend racing/training.  As such I'm not keen at all on going out because I want to ride strong on Sunday and I don't want to deal with the hangover.  Kickin back a copious volume of green beer with friends is great fun but also reeks havoc on my body.  These days I need 2 full days to clear everything out 100% and that's just not worth it.

Many years ago my track&field coach use to say that one missed day of practice put you two days behind where you could have been conditions wise.  And he was right.  So the reality is that one night out partying with friends; that takes me two days to recover from, will put me four days behind where my conditioning could have been.  Make sense?  Four days is a big setback and not worth it.

The next question is: Can't you just go out and have a beer or two and chill?  The answer is yes....but probably no!  A beer or two in the right environment like an amber lighted Irish Pub with awesome music, packed in celebration is nothing more than a massive gateway for me.  Better to never ring the bell because the gate is certain to be opened wide.  Know thyself.  Happy St.Patricks Day, in advance.

Peace and roll strong.

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