Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sh*t people say to cyclists

Recently there has been a peppering of online video's themed around "Sh*t bikers or triathletes say."  They're pretty funny too because like all comedy there are many truths behind them.  It's good to poke fun at ourselves; especially our cyclist-selves because when you really think about it we say odd things because this lifestyle requires that we live in an extraordinary way.  I think that's why these video's grew to viral status pretty fast.

I was joking about this with Pete Custer, my nephew and local Washington DC cyclist strong man, over coffee this morning.  As we talked, it occurred to me that I personally have been asked some pretty random and odd sh*t  about my riding from people that don't ride.  Pete and I laughed our butts off so I figured I should put 'pen to paper' on this to display for posterity's sake.  So here's what I came up with.  Feel free to add your own!

Is that a 10 speed bike?
Why don't you have a kick stand?
While lifting it...How much does your bike weigh? (Me thinking,'Keep your hands off my bike!')
I do spin class with my personal trainer. (Me thinking, Ah-Huh)
Have you ridden in the Tour Day France? (enunciated like Dance)
How wide are those tires?
I use to ride 6 miles a day.
That saddle looks painful.
Where did you come from? (me thinking, You mean where did 'ride' from?)
Your shoes like elf shoes.
Riding will make you sterile.
Condescending....Aww, good for you!
I do the Pan Mass Challenge, Do you?
Does Lance Armstrong take drugs?
Are your bicycle pants spandex?
Why don't you ride on a bike path?
How fast do you go?
Whats in your water bottle.
Do you have a heart arrhythmia.
What are you riding away from in your life (Me thinking, 'People like you!) 

The sh*t people say to cyclists,  priceless.         
Peace and roll strong.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Powerbar gave me a sticker for my helmet.

  2. Skip, the couple of things I've been asked most are,

    Does your ass not get sore
    how much is your bike worth
    how far do you ride - with response, I don't drive that far in a week ha ha ha

  3. Good ones Kel. Last one especially. I've heard it myself quite a bit.

  4. Dinner conversation night before Wintergreen Time Trial...

    "How many times will you need to get off your bike and walk?"

    (me thinking: great question, I wonder if there are donuts on the dessert menu)