Tuesday, March 6, 2012

POV Life as an interval session

Balance seems key to a comfortable life.  I'm not great with balance though, but I do try; to a point.  It's like that saying 'all things in moderation', this feels way too much like sensible slacks and Dock-sider shoes for me to ever be comfortable!  So the the whole idea gets a little lost on me.

In retrospect I've always been more of a focused ebbs and flows person, living my life in a pattern of intervals (like training) with real highs and patches of low.  Highs and lows reveal unique perspectives that I appreciate.  My highs yield higher things than I could ever achieve living my life moderately.  And my lows, I have come to believe, help me to recognize & celebrate my highs more than I otherwise would.  When you're looking straight down or straight up at something you see things through a multidimensional lens and discover things that you wouldn't on a horizontal plain and that's pretty cool because these insights help to formulate a more unique point of view. Ie. POV

Some people are gifted at a managing a very balanced and moderated life and I admire them a great deal because they actualize and scale the conceptions of the idea makers. They maintain a state of steady pace affirming that if you keep your nose to the grindstone, things will generally work out. That's huge.

It's cliche to say 'Life is a gift' but it really is.  Having said that, people have very different gifts to be celebrated but it's the way that you use them that matters most.  Clapton hits the nail on the head with this one.   Peace & roll strong.


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