Saturday, March 3, 2012

Every Irishman

Every Irishman knows this world will eventually break his heart.  Don't ask me why but its true. 'Trinity' -L. Uris presents Conor Larkin, the brooding poetic and reluctant hero, as the best example I can think of.  

The last couple days have been whack hard but I'm working through it.  I wish I were less contemplative. This world is easier for people inspired by acquisitions in life rather than it's real lessons. That said it doesn't come easy for anyone.  No one gets through it without wounds along the way.  Live long enough and these make up our canvas, like the scars along the bodies of Blue Whales, each its own story to become a part in the meaning of that which defines them.  People and whales are the same in this way, scarred everywhere.

I think a big part of the cycling is that it makes you feel better about your place in the universe and you forget about the scars, if only temporarily,  powering a simple machine, rolling out the miles to transport yourself to peaceful nothingness.  

My son Stephen loves North-Shore riding. He builds the berms, bridges and narrow ramps they ride on and then drop-off from. The cool thing about riding North Shore is building your own terrain and slaying it just how you want to, on the course of your own design, much like life should be.

-Peace and roll strong.


  1. The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.
    Oscar Wilde

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