Thursday, March 1, 2012

Duvine Pro Series Bike Tour

The Duvine Pro Series Bike Tour is taking shape quickly.  We're looking at the first week in August.  Here's a sneak preview.  It's a first crack a vid so we're still tweaking.  You'll get a good flavor though.   I'm meeting w/ Justin and Andy today to review operations.   Stay tuned.


It was weird to wake up today and see a cpl inches of snow outside.  Its been so mild all winter I'd nearly forgotten what the white stuff looks like.   No riding outside today but I'm taking a rest day so no diff..  Well, a rest day of sorts. I have a deep tissue sport massage with Susan Feist at Concord Sports Massage later this morning and while relaxing, it's also basically much like a workout.  It takes 2 days for me to absorb it, so it's doing something strenuous, no?  

Susan was recommended to me by Karen Smyers, a friend and former neighbor. Karen is a World Class Tri Athlete, She's done everything.  She won Ford Ironman World Champ. in Kona but she also graciously and quietly overcame cancer and a brutal car accident several years ago.  So she has big street cred with me and pretty much everyone.  I called Karena couple of years ago to see who she would recommend for massage. Without any hesitate she pointed me to Susan.  The rest is history.

Have been digging this tune all week.  Roll Strong,  Peace.

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