Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dragon Slayer

Call it what you want, juice for life, zest for living, carpe diem,  all these things are pretty much the same and similarly, we all want them.  I like to call it dreaming in color.  I woke up today in a better than good mood and motivated to slay the chosen Dragons of my self-designed routine and I quickly assessed how I could preserve this. 

I know as soon as I step out that door the patterns of necessity will demand all of my attention and while these things are a must, must I let them dictate the perspective(s) in which I disposed of them.  Obviously, there's no easy quick answer?  But I reckon a genuine place to start from is a standpoint of awareness.

Dragon Slaying would really, really suck for anyone that didn't love doing it. It would likely kill them. Conversely I would sooner open a vein than face the life regime many fine people I know live.  They gulp stuff everyday that would choke me and they would likely cower in the spaces I am very comfortable.  I think there is middle ground but it's shaky ground and not a good place to loiter for long.  It's a thousands miles of bad road (trust me) and you will lose yourself there, for sure!  Be true to thyself, is a cliche.  But as a new friend recently told me, cliches have core truths.  Living with power requires directed force in the spaces of your passions, applied with the coursing juice that is uniquely yours.  It runs through you, not anyone else.  Let it flow and life will give you what you want.   Peace and roll strong.

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