Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beer League Ski Racing

I haven't been able to ski since my car accident four and a half years ago.  Every now and again I get thinking about it and miss it a little bit.  Last night was the local Beer League Ski Racing championships held at the Nashoba Valley 'resort' in Westford, MA. A couple of my friends, Robb Holt and Andy Levine, were racing so I decided to stop by on my way home from work yesterday to check it out.

Nashoba is a really small ski hill owned and operated by the Fletcher family.  It is so small, in fact, that if you stood the lodge on it's end, it would likely be taller than the hill itself.  Regardless of its size, Nashoba is really close to Boston which makes it an ideal midweek spot for Master Racers in the Boston area to augment their training. Nashoba is to ski racers what the indoor trainer is to bike racers; a great place to conveniently train quality vs quantity. 

I use to race a little bit as a teenager.  I wasn't that good but my room-mate Danny Simpson was.  He was a kid from Jersey, just insane for skiing.  He ended up doing the Pro Circuit out west.  I was thinking about Danny last night and I hope he is still racing.  He was a huge Grateful Dead fan but also loved Yes.  He use to crank 'Roundabout' by Yes through his 4 foot speakers in our room while tuning&waxing his skis.  I think if you had has to pick one tune to play while your tuning skis, it would be Roundabout.  It's just The Anthem, for ski tuners everywhere!


The dual slalom course at Nashoba is short but has pitch.  The top few gates heading over the knoll were pretty technical & curvy, so it was fun to watch. The forerunners did it in like 21 seconds. A couple pro's ripped it in 20 seconds flat but most of the guys were doing 22-23 seconds.  That's short but exciting to watch.  There was some excellent ski racing on display and also what we could say was 'not so good ski racing'; but that's what you get in Beer League.  There were a couple of really big yard sale crashes, cartwheel stuff; which you don't 'like' to see but can't take you eye's off either.   Adrenalin... the risks we take?

Peace & roll strong

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