Friday, February 17, 2012

Virgina trip

New England group rides are usually super self-contained, which isn't my all time favorite thing.  I think this gets back to the insulator culture up here.  I like riding with different guys when I can especially when they are stronger than me.  It keeps me honest and makes me better.

Pro's race so much they don't get into the rut of repeatedly rolling familiar miles with the same people.  While this is fun, too much of it will level them off. Pro's travel and race different stuff every week and they do it for many months in a row.  This makes them faster than the rest of us.  It's pretty simple.

This is one reason I'm heading south next week and looking forward to doing the rides down there.  One of these is the Goon Ride and it is pretty cool.  It goes through Washington DC's Rock Creek Park.  It's roots point back to a bunch of DC couriers that started taking bike racing seriously after doing the Courier World Championships.  Greg LeMond also won one of his junior World Championships on these same roads. 

Another ride is Haines Point @ Noon. Haines point is famed as the location for this cool statue called The Awakening.

Haines Point is basically a crit on Tues & Thur at lunchtime for the DC racers working in the city.

Haines is on the Potomac River so it's flat, wide open and a great place for speed work.  In another month the whole park will be accented with incredibly beautiful cherry blossoms that can be problematic for asthmatic riders.  The Statue is also the turnaround point for DC's Cherry Blossom 10k Run Race.

There is also great riding on the Skyline Drive on the Shenandoah's Blue Ridge Parkway. This road is ideal for steady state riding.  The road is as smooth as glass and there are many strong guys training there this time of year. The place also has great air and good views.  It's just short drive from DC so I hope to get out there as well.


  1. Skip.. you haven't been here for a while, I can tell. The Awakening statue was moved a couple of years back, it is no longer at Hains Point. My favorite speed ride was in Ashburn, right out of my office location a long time ago, when you always came out with your TT bike and hammered. One lap on and one lap off till I got in shape. If you get a chance, get out on the Trasher ride, bunch of DC Velo guys and some others who ride hard all year long. It starts at 12:30 pm in Bethesda at Goldsboro Road and Bradley Blvd, every day. A bunch of old guys still burning it up, with some younger guys still punishing us.

  2. Good to know Harry. Thanks man for the update. Maybe catch you around there.