Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teamwork is Work

The action piece in 'Teamwork' is work. I don't think a lot of people like the initial sound of the word 'work'.   I don't.  But I think pretty much everyone likes the word 'team'.  These two words can bring opposing perspectives and therefore when combined are open to a lot of confusion.  

The first thought around teamwork is that we can do more together than apart. The next thought is that teamwork will make things happen a lot easier.  And while this is often true it is not that simple because there's an 'easy' detour here.  The detour is to easily interpret this to mean 'it will be easier if I am on a team'.  There is a subtle but meaningful difference between accomplishing more and making it easier.  It's a detour that I myself have mistakenly made several times in my life.

Walk off the Earth in the tune above is displaying Teamwork and a good example of what I'm talking about. There are five talented people here 'working' together to create a cool vibe but nothing about what they are doing looks like it is easier for them.

Each one is sacrificing.  They looked cramped, kind of disjointed and each one is lacking all sense of individuality.  They're 'working' together on one singular thing and are 100% all in.  They are vested.   In this case it's an acoustic guitar but this 'single thing' could be anything out there in life.  Like winning a bike race, creating a broad way show, building a company, completing a project....whatever.

If any of the musicians in Walk off the Earth were to stray in any way, from any part of their task/goal everything of value they are trying to accomplish would be bunked.

Perfect teamwork is hard, not easy.  It's also a rare thing of beauty but it is work.

-Roll Strong this weekend!

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