Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soft as Michael Buble

Yesterday I had plans for a nice endurance ride but at the last minute something jumped in front of me and I decided to pass on it.   In this thing we call life, missing one group ride isn't even a blimp on the screen but it amazes me how poorly I can still react to things like this.

Some of it is just me whining in a bowl of cry baby soup because group training is fun and I missed out.  But the bigger piece is my engrained discipline to do all the work, all of it period.  You get what you give.

I had a throwing coach in high school that used to preach that if you missed one training day you were actually two days behind to where you would have been.  For training athletes two days behind sounds like a lot and I believed him.  To this day I still default to this mindset but there's a problem.  It's wrong.  It doesn't work because in scrambling to catch up and do everything I'll inevitably do too much in too short a period of time.  Next thing you know I'm behind on recovery which is not where I want to be.

I don't try to make up workouts anymore and gone are the days of berating myself over it too.  Now I just move on,  tell myself the missed workout is recovery money and that I'll be stronger to unleash quality efforts on my next scheduled session.  This works way better for me.

Speaking of wussies skipping workouts:

Hey Winter...where the the hell are ya?  Eating bonbons on the sofa?  Two years ago you were Leningrad hard dishing out 8 foot snowbanks all season & throwing down single digit temps punishing us for weeks at a time.  Now you're as soft as Michael Buble!  Stop tapping your foot.....Panzie


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