Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Science & Art

There's a lot more cycling laundry in the winter.  I've walked past a growing pile of mine in the hallway for days.  That's weird too because I'm a neat freak.  The Unger in me can't allow the passing of anything needing to be picked up, straightened, wiped down, put away or vacuumed.

We've all heard of the mind-body connection. I totally believe and trust in the this. Especially when it comes to riding, training and recovery.  I think most athletes do the same thing but to various degrees.  The older you get the more you should pay attention.  Young guys are usually the least aware.
Motivation is a mental thing and could be the most accurate indicator in my training cycle. If it isn't first then it's definitely in my top three.

Five minutes ago while getting a second cup of coffee I walked over my laundry with the familiarity one has to a door mat.  This isn't off the charts crazy for me but it is atypical and indicates that my motivation to have a bunch of clean cycling gear isn't urgent. Taking this a step further, my motivation to do a cracking ride is low.

After 20 years racing bikes I've learned to get as far ahead of over training as possible.  Indicators of over training are subtle.  For me they start small in the mind and build from there.  The process of exceeding threshold (LT) happens in the same way, before you can even feel it it's happening and you're over the line.  I don't like over training.  Makes me bitchy and I don't enjoy life the way I should.

Today we have really cool science and tools that help in attempting to figure out just when the over training process begins.  My friend Jeff Hunt is an accomplished marathoner and tri-guy.  In addition to regularly kicking my arse to the top of Mt. Wachusett on our local strongman ride Jeff has a company called RestWise that formulates this process for you.  Jeff is wick'd smat and if you want to you can point and click your way through Jeff's a virtual model of proprietary algorithms to discover if you are over trained(ing). This is applied science and it's good.

I'm not there though.  It's too much information for me because I'm an extremely tactile, and artistic person.  I have to touch & feel it.

Over the years I have used funky esoteric stuff like weighing my motivation to do cycling laundry as a reliable index relative to my training process.  Yeah its definitely a little different but motivation starts in the mind.  If it's low there's guaranty my body is telling it something.  Recognizing this intuitively is an Art.  It's not easy, takes time.

Get yourself high & roll strong!

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