Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warm up like Easy Rider

Gently knocking on the front door of a house will achieve a more open response from inside than pounding on it.

Taking this a step further, smashing through the front door won't achieve an open response at all.  It'll get you butt thrown in the clink. Not a good idea.  Similarly, if we politely say "I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me?", we will engender a far more effective response than if we bark "Get over here and eat your food"

Warming up is like this.  A polite, gentle but deliberate approach is best. The goal is to get your body to an optimized and open state with the least amount of stress.  Stocking it into a performance state is a mistake.  Better to ease into this...Don't push it man, be Easy Rider!

I was thinking about this last night while stretching.  Well not really stretching,  its more like home spun yoga for neanderthals.  But that's a different entry topic.  Back to warm-ups... You will get your body to a wide open optimized state way better by applying polite and respectful requests of it; Just like in life, same principle.

Warming up properly takes time/patience. It should start out politely with gentle knocking rather than pounding and it should build gradually from there.  It's easy to think warming up isn't worth the effort because we're always short on time. But in missing a proper warm up we can't be 100% prepared for the violent training efforts we must dispose on ourselves.

A simple rule on warm up time.  Take a minute for every year you are.  If you are 20 years old, take a 20 minute warm up.  If you're 47, take 47 minutes and so on.  Not much science here but it works great every time.

Peace & Roll strong


  1. Ha! Try that on a group ride. Hence my avoidance with them for the most part unless A. I can w/up on my own prior to the meet up. B. I've scoped out who is in said group avoiding the tools who don't know the definition of w/up or easy pace. :-)

  2. 'avoiding the tools' :)

    Good point though. Its frustrating when guys/dash-gallop straight out of the parking lot. I prefer to think this is a caffeine effect rather than bike IQ? Either way, irks me too. Our grp rides are well mannered but many aren't. When it's time to go hard everyone in our grp is ready.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of warming up. It's always a rush to get to the meeting point or meet them along the way.. Nothing like a 15 minute TT. Weekends it's a bit different though.
    good reminder.