Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Doubt on Recovery

'Rest day? What is this peculiar thing off which you speak?'

My friend Mike Rowell said this a couple of days ago and I laughed my butt off because like all driven athletes' I could totally relate.  Mike is a smart guy with good perspective and says insightful things.  Over the last couple of days I have thought about Mikes' comment:  What is it about the process of recovery that is difficult to fully embrace?

I have systematically practiced recovery forever but there's always been a lingering question in the back of my mind questioning whether I have done enough; have I done everything possible to get better?  For guys like me and Mike and everyone else with responsibilities outside of cycling the answer we always tell ourselves is, no!  I suspect this may even be the same for full time racers but I wouldn't know for sure about that.

Either way, there is doubt.  And, doubt begets doubt so we can spiral in this a little bit which creates a reluctance to fully embrace recovery, it does me anyway. But the truth of the matter is that there isn't a super clear path in training your fitness because it is a moving target.  It's pretty impossible to exactly know where you are in the process and this is difficult accept.  Invariably I/we default to doing more as insurance that all the bases are covered. But this is a mistake.

Sometimes the action of doing things takes less trust and discipline than surrendering to that of which we cannot control.  Recovery is like this.  We have to trust that what we have done is enough.  There is a bucket of self accountability in that but at some point we have to get to where there is No Doubt in our minds that we have done the best we could given our personal circumstances.  Once we get into this space embracing recovery is nice & easy.   -Roll strong.

All this No Doubt talk got me thinking about Gwen Stephani.  'Like'

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