Friday, February 10, 2012

He don't need no registration fee.

Mr. Style called me last night to ride today.  I call Justin Spinelli Mr. Style for lots of reasons, not the least of which is his cooleo business Luxe Wheelworks (watch vid).  This guy is on a different planet when it comes to honing style like a stone groove, everything is dialed 100%.  Even his name 'Spin'elli reeks with cycling lore, hell it's even Italian.

Justin is hardly just pageantry though. He has legit racing background too, highlighted by his time as a continental Pro riding on Seoco with Mario Cipollini.  He also rode a couple World's, and the Giro d' italia etc...and some other fun little races like that?  He spent his last couple years riding for a couple US based Pro teams bullying the circuit here until starting his own bike business a few years ago.

I always worry a little bit when Justin calls.   You never know which Justin it is.  Is it the fit motivated guy or the Justin that just wants to chill?  He's a good dude either way but there are never any clues in his voice, none!  It's the same innocuous and friendly 'hoping to do good ride tomorrow, you up for it? Naturally I always 'am' because the tempo is kinda irrelevant to me. I like riding with this guy who's is 'Spin'elli.  It's Buono!

When J-Spin wants to hammer it can be a meaningful event to anyone riding with him.  It's never really all that bad actually.  No matter how hard it gets you'll probably live.  The worst (or best, depending on perspective) it got for me was when he dropped me on the Mt. Manadnock loop in NH a couple years ago.  We were riding along this barren strip of pave, just the two of us on a dark and damp February day. It was like 33 degrees.  We were only an hour and a half in before my legs started talking to me. That's bad because I sensed he was just getting warmed up and I was right.

The long and short of it is that he cracked and dis-guarded me like peanut shell.  He didn't just drop me.  I died so hard I had to get off my bike altogether and thought seriously about calling 911 and that's no jive.

It was the worst bonk of my life.  But if you're gonna get smacked down like that you don't want it from some hammer head Fred, sucking down GU riding a Madone.  Better to have it dispensed on you by a guy with elegance and hurts way less.

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  1. Skip,
    Hope all is well and to see you soon.