Sunday, February 12, 2012


Gulu-Gulu seemed like a perfect spot to be on Friday.

I'd been riding solo for about 2:45 hrs noodling the northeast back roads toward Gloucester. It was an unbelievable day but I was kind of in a dark mood so I just rolled along easy taking in the rays and thinking through stuff to clear out...then happened across Gulu in Salem Square.

Salem Square is a cool little cobbled section downtown where they don't allow cars.  It's an eclectic scene.  There is a mix of 'odd' tourists, business folk, street artists and a fixie hipsters crowd inked to the gills.  In other words it's a people watchers' 10. 

I almost rode straight past Gulu-Gulu and would have had the bright red and style of it's front door & menu display case not caught my eye.  At first glance they recalled images of the London phone booths in my youth.  After that I noticed the large terrier pooch head on the window and then the name Gulu-Gulu stylishly hanging above and thought 'the initial cool reading is okay, I'm coming in'

Upon entering I instantly sensed this wasn't a cyclist 'racer' cafe'.  Oh, no it certainly wasn't.  It was different, something I really can't exactly describe. Every head turned to look at me as stood there looking over the mobbed area scanning for a place to sit.  It was clear that guys dressed in bright blue and orange spandex don't hang there very much and an oxymoron too. I ventured in for a people watching but turns out I'm the sideshow.  It was hilarious, cracked me up and actually did more in 5 seconds to clear my mind and turn my mood than hours of riding had accomplished.  Levity and laughter; never underestimate their power I guess.

Anyway, the only open place to sit was on the heating unit next to the front window.  It looked like a shrine or something and I hesitated for a second thinking about whether I should sit there or not.  The serving guy indicated that it was cool to

hang there so I peeled off my layers and made myself comfortable.  I was there for maybe :40 min eating the peanut butter & honey sandwich I brought and sipping a really  good Gulu house blend.  After a while I realized the anxieties I brought with me at the beginning of the ride were pretty much in check, in proper perspective.  As I left throwing my leg over the top tube, I thought to myself that I had be sitting in a shrine of sorts, and that was cool.


  1. This is good. I can see the moment you walked in and all heads turned with a moment of silence. That is funny. How long did you live in England. I remember you mentioning this

  2. Anonymous, Thanks for reading. Spent most of early childhood in UK.