Friday, February 24, 2012

Cats aren't Vegan

When possible I like to eat as soon as possible after training.  Yesterday,  I was doing a short tempo session inside and for whatever reason was super hungry so decided get off the bike to cook some steak tips to have ready for recovery.  They take like 5 minutes so I was back in the saddle pedaling a recovery spin in no time and chomping on piping hot steak tip's. 

I have 2 cats.  I adopted them reluctantly as kits almost 5 years ago.  I was a dog person up until then but have taken a real shin to these little guys.  They were found in a barn and were Farrel.  Because they are literally half wild they don't like to be touched very much but they follow me from room to room and and just stare at me from arms length all the time.  It's what they do.  Except when I get on my trainer!

I have a Cateye CS1000 and love it.  I've worn out like 5 of them but let me just say they're loud, loud as hell, like a harrier jet taking off and the cats freak out when I get on it.  Clip in & those little bastards take flight & disappear inside the walls. So it was curiously amusing yesterday to see them peeking around the corner at me from just a foot away while I was on it.

It took me a sec to realize they were drawn to the steak tips.  Actually they were more than just curious, they were stalking , crouched low w/ their necks stretched out and sniffing sharply.  It cracked me up but got also got me thinking.

When was the last time they did anything remotely close to overcome their natural and extremely acute flight instinct?   Never.   Would they risk life and limb for a sniff of cereal, pasta or an optimized recovery drink?  Hell no they wouldn't.  Not in our lifetime.   But they did for the steak tips.

These two nearly wild creatures would, I imagine, risk everything for a strip of red steak tip.  They don't know anything about the commerce of sport diets.  They only know what nature drives them to do optimally. Their survival depends on this.     Food for thought....

Jughead51 diet;
-Eat only real food
-Start the day w/ black coffee & trail mix
-Carbo loading is a myth, for pretty much everything.
-Hand chased meat, 3 times a week, for strength
-Fish, eat it but don't buy or cook it, many bad memories
-Spinach/banana,OJ shake at least once a day, for vitality
-Graze lightly on bakery, because its fun
-Drink water, mixed with water, body likes it
-Friuts, for a change & when feeling guilty
-No vitamins, lot's of ibuprofen
-Never drink alcohol alone