Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cat in the Hat

This is an Olympic year.  The games start July 27th in London  My mother was British and I lived in England for most of my early childhood so naturally I have strong associations with the country.

I heard London has hosted more Games than any other country.  I didn't know that but it doesn't surprise me. The backdrop for Chariots of Fire was around the 1924 games in London and that was a long time ago.  I liked the movie, being a true story -n- all.  There was palpable power in Scotsman Eric Liddells' comment "When I run I feel his pleasure".  It was categorical and his essence.  I don't compete for God like that but hearing him say it like that, right there, was moving.  He fought with courage.

I have several friends of Scottish descent and have competed against them too and it's always a full frontal assault and pure to the finish.  Brave stock here, lets leave it at that.  If you doubt just ask the Romans.

The last Summer Olympics I watched were the 2004 games. We were staying at The Admiral Inn in Saco, ME for a race weekend.  It poured rain the whole time so we watched a lot of Olympic coverage in our room.  I remember the women's lifting.  A girl from Poland won. She was a cool, bright pink hair in pigtails wearing rainbow striped knee socks, a power suit, thighs caked in white chalk and massive lifting belt giving her a herculean posture.  I think she put like 380lbs over her head.  We sat there mouths wide open.

I don't lift anymore.  The benefits don't last or transfer to the bike for me.  Plus I always get sick sharing equipment with sick Fred's walking around w/ pneumonia.  I grew up as a track&field and footballer so I lived on lifting.  It was my oxygen.  But now it's nothing more than something I like to watch other people with pigtails and Cat in the Hat knee socks do.

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