Saturday, February 25, 2012

All in Inspiration

This post does not have an exact correlation to cycling for most, probably, but it does for me.

Pregame in football was always special.  I used to look forward to Coach Rogerson's (UMO) pregame talk because no matter how motivated I thought I was there was always more in there that he could, in the company of teammates, somehow draw out.  Coach could get guys so fired up they'd be weeping.  I don't know how, but he could do it.

In addition to Football, back in the day, I was also involved in drama, did a few plays & such.  It was fun, taught me many things and I still enjoy going to the theater today.

This clip below from Will Shake's Henry V has (aside from the fashion) always inspired me.  If Coach Rogerson were alive in the 1500's I imagine his charisma would inspire a band of brothers much like Henry is doing here. 

I really like this excerpt from the clip (see min 3:30) noted below.  It speaks to the heart to give it your all, even commands it to. 

'Harold, save thou thy labor.  Come thou no more for ransom, gentle Harold.  They shall have none I swear, but these my joists, which,if they have, as I shall leave of them, shall yield them little.'  Henry V. WS

Peace & Roll strong.

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